AffPortal Features
more tools than ANY other tool set

In depth keyword research.

We pull data from over 7 sources to bring you the most powerful keyword research options online!

Most powerful URL scrapers!

With over 12 different URL scrapers you are sure to find winning targets easier than ever before... and still more to come!

Landing pages and banner ads too!

Build landing pages and banner ads to use with Facebook, PPC, PPV, Real Time Bidding and more... It's easy, just give them a try!

Top 30k Alexa Websites

We have a long term project to gradually tag and categorize all the Alexa top million websites in the world. Currently we're over the 30k mark.

Also Visited Websites

Find the websites that are frequently visited by users of any domain. Example: Find where visitors of "" also visit on the web.

Referring Websites.

Find out the 10 leading websites that sent direct clicks to any domain in the last 3 months.

Organic Domain Keywords

Get the top ORGANIC keywords that a website is ranking for in the search engines. Example: What organic keywords is the domain "" ranking for?

Keyword Intelligence

Primary Keyword data & Related Keyword data from 25 different countries. Example: Find Keyword Intelligence for "Fresh Flowers" from Google, United States.

Similar Websites Scraper

With this URL scraper you can find the top 20 most similar websites for any domain.

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The best selection of Pay-Per-View tools

We have been in the ppv tools business since 2009 and quickly realized that you need more than one or two url scrapers. So we built more.

AffPortal features over 14 different URL scrapers, most that scrape results regionally from 25 different countries. We're not stoping there...

Keyword data for Pay-Per-Click and SEO

Want to find out what keywords you're ranking for? No problem...

How about what your competition is ranking for? Yup...

Do you need related keywords? Find up to 500 of them...

Need data like searches and cost per click? That's in AffPortal too...

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